Striped Bass And Bluefish

Our Specialty

Catching Striped Bass and Bluefish is our specialty from May through October. We fish on the lower Cape in Cape Cod Bay and outside the “hook” of Cape Cod. This is where the highest populations of migrating striped bass and bluefish on the eastern seaboard. A few of our favorite spots to fish are Billingsgate shoal, Ryder’s Beach, Stoney Bar, Wood End, and Race Point.

We fish stripers and blues in a variety of ways: Topwater casting, mid water trolling, and bottom jiggling. It all depends on what they are feeding on any given day.

High Catches are common aboard the TRITON. Stripers are typically 15 – 20 lbs and 32 – 38″ on most trips. In mid-summer, bluefish topwater action can be phenomenal.

Come aboard for a fun and relaxing time fishing with us! You may catch a striper up to 45 lbs and 48″ as we have boarded frequently.

Tuna caught

Tuna Fishing

In recent years, the number of juvenile Bluefin Tuna has increased two-fold in our area. Through careful conservation and an extensive tagging program, which the TRITON is involved in, the fishery will hopefully be around for a long time. It’s nice to bring a fish home for the grill but this is sportfishing and we encourage catch and release. A picture lasts forever.

Tuna fish range in size from 30 to 200lbs. And of course, there are the giants that may exceed 1000lbs. These offshore trips are awesome. The smell of the air, not to mention the numerous species of the whales and porpoises you encounter on a daily basis make it an adventure in itself. We fish Cape Cod Bay, Stellwagon Bank and outside Peaked Hill Bar, wherever the fish are on a given day. These powerful fish give you a fight like no other. A standup harness is often used to help bring in the fish. There will be no sitting down when fighting these big boys! Whether casting or trolling there commonly may be dozens of fish breaking the surface, which can be casted to or baited. These fish can empty your reel spool in seconds.

The tuna gear aboard the TRITON is state of the art Penn International 30 and 50 two speed reels with matched standup rods. Spinning gear are Penn 950SS reels with 20-40lbs line and 7-8 foot rods.


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May 1st – October 31st

Striped Bass




Bluefin Tuna

August 1st – October 31st

Bluefin Tuna

Striped Bass